PhD students have presented the evolution of their theses in short presentations in poster format. The evaluators have been evaluating in a dynamic way and with brief personal interviews the good approach of the works.

The School of Telecommunication has hosted the follow-up days for PhD Doc_TIC students. The workshops have been very satisfactory, first in terms of the primary objectives, the academics, and secondly by the number and quality of the professionals who attended them.

The assesment by external doctors and researchers is a great INPUT for students. The main objective of these days is the early detection of incorrect approaches with the aim of correcting the course. It is also an event that helps students to become familiar with the dynamics of the congresses.


The best poster is recognized with a prize by the program. The prize is decided by a vote among the participants themselves. It is certainly a motivation to do a good job and take into consideration, in addition to the technical skills and good project approach, communication and marketing of your poster. Competences that will be very useful later in their careers as researchers.

The research area of theses varies from lines related to wave propagation, signal processing, telematic architectures and services, digital communications, microwave remote sensing … The specific thesis approach deals with issues such as emotional analysis through Natural language processing techniques, dynamic modeling of social and economic groups with machine learning and evolutionary theory of games, privacy and data protection in biometrics, …

Successful PhD program

With more than 70 students enrolled, of which 20% come from different regions of the world such as Latin America, Portugal, the Balkans, the Maghreb or Turkey, DocTIC has established itself as one of the most important international doctoral programs in the academic world. The students also come from different sectors, academic, technological centers, consultancies …

The conference was attended by two prestigious guests Prof. Rafael F. S. Caldeirinha of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, School of Technology and Management of Portugal, and Prof. Patrice Bellot of the University of Aix-Marseille – CNRS (France).



Momentos antes de empezar la conferencia de Patrice Bellot

Moments before the start of the conference of Patrice Bellot

About Doc_TIC

atlanTTic collaborates in the Doc_TIC International Doctoral Program with the objective of training the best professionals and researchers in the field of Information and Communication Technologies, generating research of quality and international impact, and providing professionals with advanced knowledge enabling them to improve their competitiveness on a global scale.

PhD Programme from the University of Vigo, and promoted by the School of Telecommunication Engineering and the atlanTTic Research Center, Doc_TIC is the evolution of previous doctoral programs in Signal Theory and Communications (TSC) and Telematic Engineering (IT) , Both with Mention towards Excellence granted by the Ministry of Education of the Government of Spain.

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