As part of security and defense policies, one of the key research line is security in public places and especially airports. atlanTTic works on different lines in this context.

  • Improved security scanner technology:

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has defined different standards to improve security scanner performance in airports. They specify that people must be able to be scanned without the need to remain static, as happens in current systems. In addition, with the aim of respect the privacy of the passengers, new systems must be able to identify several material in order to distinguish contraband or explosives from other harmless elements that the person can carry attached to the body, as for example medical devices and implants.

Milimeter wave scanners provide a solution to this tecnological demand, due its good compromise between resolution of the obtained image, ability to penetrate through tissues and other materials, use of non-ionizing radiation, and relatively low cost.

Radar and Remote Sensing area of atlanTTic has developed a new system for the inspection of people through millimeter-wave scanners. Main features of this new design are the use of a multi-static configuration with fully electronic scanning for images of people on the move and the ability to identify different materials that people under inspection can carry attached to their body and hidden under clothing. An added advantage of this architecture is the ability to increase scanning speed (people / minute) compared to current scanners.



  • Application of facial and object recognition technologies in airport environments

The experience of Multimedia Technologies area of atlanTTic in facial recognition is highly constrasted both academic level and the level of technology transfer. Some of the developed technologies have direct application in airport environments such as the following:

  • Facial recognition applied to identification of specific individuals.
  • Automatic matching between the person and the passport photo.
  • People tracking inside an enclosure.
  • Locating abandoned objects.



Sectors such as security in public places have become in an element of capital importance due to recent events. Technologies developed by atlanTTic in a unique and combined way have drawn research lines fully aligned with the future needs of the sector.