Fifth edition of the follow-up days of the DocTIC PhD program
15 June, 2018

Signal processing for communications; speech processing; sound or image; research in e-learning services and applications; machine learning applications in fields such…

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Researchers David Outerelo and Francisco J. Diaz-Otero publish in the Dutch magazine Measurement
14 June, 2018

Researchers David Outerelo and Francisco J. Diaz-Otero participate along with other researchers from the German multinational company OHB System and the…

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Fran Diaz, together with other atlanTTic researchers, will coordinate a Marie Curie ITN (h2020) thanks to Edify project
6 June, 2018

“Edify will train four doctoral students for 48 months who will spend 40% of their training at the University of Vigo…

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New paper on DNA field (Dynamic Networks Architecture)
4 June, 2018

Researchers from the Data Networks area of the center, Beatriz Lorenzo and Francisco J. González-Castaño, have published, together with other co-authors,…

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Paper published on Plos One Journal
30 May, 2018

The team composed by Mateo Ramos Merino, Juan M. Santos Gago and Luis M. Álvarez Sabucedo, together with University Miguel Hernández…

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New Q1 paper published on Journal of Network and Computer Applications
29 May, 2018

Sergio Herrería-Alonso, Miguel Rodríguez-Pérez, Manuel Fernández-Veiga and Cándido López-García have published a paper on Q1 Journal of Network and Computer Applications….

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Research lines of the center: Video Time location through electric network -The information behind the light-
28 May, 2018

How to localize video in time? atlanTTic is carrying out a research line based on ENF technologies. For further information you…

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Martin Llamas, Carina Gonzalez and Manuel Castro. General co-chairs of EDUCON 2018.
7 May, 2018

The ninth IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON 2018) has taken place in Tenerife, Spain, from April 17th to April 20th…

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LPRO days 2018
30 April, 2018

102 students and 20 teachers make up the critical mass from which they came, after several months of work, the 18…

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I Conference in Advanced Acoustics for Industrial Applications
5 April, 2018

Acoustic engineering as a tool for analysis and improvement in different areas of the automotive, aeronautics and energy industries. Conference: AcInTic,…

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