The purpose of this call is to carry out a selective process for the recruitment of a person as a distinguished researcher for a period of 4 years whose purpose will be to carry out research and teaching activities within the framework of functions and purposes of the University of Vigo in coherence with the profile of the place described in the attached documents.


1. Hold a Doctor or Doctor degree in the field of Telecommunication Engineering or similar.
2. Have postdoctoral research experience at one or more universities and / or foreign entities known in their respective country as a R & D center in the field of wireless networks for at least two years. This experience should cover the greatest possible number of the following areas:
a. Machine learning.
b. Science of communications networks.
c. Optimization methods.
d. Statistical signal processing.
e. Characterization of propagation phenomena in radiocommunication.
The teaching postdoctoral experience in a foreign university will also be evaluated.
The date that will be taken into account for the purposes of calculating the seniority of who submits your application will be the last day of the deadline for submission of applications.

The faculty or researcher may not present an application that is enjoying economic aid of a similar nature to the one contained in this call.


Applications must be submitted through the Ministry’s electronic office in the following link Beatriz Galindo Requests and will be filled in necessarily in English.

This link will be active only and exclusively during the application submission period:
– Opening: 08.00 am on the morning of April 24, 2019, peninsular hours in Spain.
– Closing: 5 pm on the afternoon of the 24th of May of 2019, peninsular time in Spain.

The request must be accompanied by the following information:
a) Teaching project.
b) Research project and knowledge transfer.
c) Curriculum vitae where it must appear and prove the relation of the predoctoral and postdoctoral stays carried out and the current or recent link with recognized universities and / or research centers, as well as the experience of teaching of degree and / or postgraduate in the postdoctoral stage.
d) Explanatory report on the return for the University of Vigo of the teaching project and the research and transfer of knowledge project.
Failure to submit this information in time may not be subject to amendment and will determine the application’s invalidity.


Anyone presenting a candidature should clearly indicate in which area or areas of work the ones described below will focus their research and how it will address:
a. Communications in wireless networks: mind-aware systems and machine learning for dynamic networks.
b. Intelligent radio networks: inference and control distributed with large volumes of data.

For more information on the teaching and research project to be developed by the selected person, the “Teaching Plan” and “Research and Transfer Project” documents that accompany this resolution should be consulted.

The call and associated documentation can be consulted at

Application start date: April 24, 2019
Deadline for applications: May 24, 2019