IEEE Education Society: Martín Llamas reelected as Vice President of Publications
13 November, 2017

Martín Llamas, director of the GIST research group of atlanTTic center, was re-elected vice president of publications in the IEEE Education…

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GTI group of atlanTTic finalist of the British Telecom Lime Microsystem Hackaton 2017
7 November, 2017

GTI group, of the Data Networks area of atlanTTic, was a finalist of the British Telecom Lime Microsystem Hackaton 2017. The…

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Borja González, member of the COM group of atlanTTic, has received a Ramón y Cajal contract
6 November, 2017

We have had a talk with Borja González, a researcher of atlanTTic COM group, after having obtained a Ramón y Cajal contract….

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Our colleague Silvia Garcia collected Vodafone prize in Murcia in the category “ICT Accessibility”
18 October, 2017

Silvia García, member of the GTI group of atlanTTic center, collected the Vodafone prize “connecting for good” in Murcia in the…

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Fernando Pérez appointed new Editor in Chief of the EURASIP Journal of Information Security
11 October, 2017

Fernando Pérez, director of the GPSC group of the atlanTTic research center (University of Vigo), has recently been appointed editor in chief (EIC)…

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Workshop on market perspective on cybersecurity School of Telecommunication Engineering (Deadline for registration: November 8th)
4 October, 2017

Durante los próximos días 13 y 14 de noviembre tendrá lugar el Seminario de perspectivas de mercado en ciberseguridad impartido por CyberSOC…

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Scientific committee of the atlanTTic center
28 September, 2017

The scientific committee of atlanTTic is made up of researchers with solid scientific and complementary careers to cover the different work…

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Fernando Pérez, professor at UVigo, gave a plenary lecture at the ICIAP 2017 in which he made a constructive review of the risks of drift towards machine learning in the specialty
18 September, 2017

Fernando Pérez González, Uvigo’s professor and director of the GPSC group from the atlanTTic center, gave one of the plenary lectures…

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Researcher of atlanTTic will spend the next two years in a postdoctoral stay at the University of Toronto
27 July, 2017

Hipólito Gómez is a researcher of atlanTTic (COM group) and recently beneficiary of one of the post-doctoral grants of the Xunta….

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The University of Vigo, a new member of OpenAirInterface, “5G software alliance for democratising wireless innovation”
18 July, 2017

The Data Networks area of ​​atlanTTic manages the participation of the University of Vigo as a new member of OpenAirInterface, “5G…

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