Mission and Goals

Mission and Goals

The main mission of AtlantTIC is to create, disseminate and transfer knowledge derived from its applied research in the field of telecommunication, both at national and international level.

The specific goals linked to this mission are:

  • Develop multidisciplinary research excellence in the field of ICT.
  • Provide research results with the potential to become into solutions to the demands of society and industry, both at sectorial and horizontal level.
  • Optimize knowledge transfer from the university to companies and other entities, thus contributing to a competitive innovation environment from local to European level.
  • Participate actively in networks, alliances and collaborative projects in the field of telecommunication at regional, national and international level.
  • Have the capacity to attract talent at international level with the aim of incorporating the best researchers.

These goals are complemented by challenges related to its commitment to the future and its interest in quality and continuous improvement:

  • Contribute to better training for undergraduate and graduate students, tutoring their work.
  • Establish an internationally recognised PhD Programme.
  • Improve excellence in research.