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The group focuses its activities in the field of signal processing and it holds active lines of research in the areas of speech technology, acoustics, and sound and image processing


GTM develops six main lines of research: acoustics and sound processing, biometrics, document processing, image processing and artificial vision, multimedia communication technology and speech technology.

The work of the group has been disseminated through a wide range of means, including the publication of papers in journals and conference contributions, all this at international level. Furthermore, it has taken part in more than 30 public funded projects.

GTM is involved in the European Biosecurity Awareness Raising network - which promotes biometrics for secure authentication – under the 6th Framework Programme and the Joint Open Source Information Network (JOIN), under the EU’s e-Learning initiative.

It also participates in several Spanish networks, including the ones dedicated to speech technology, pattern recognition and visual signal processing in advanced multimodal interfaces. Moreover, GTM cooperates regularly with two technology centres: the Galician Official Metrology Laboratory (LOMG) and the Galician Automotive Technology Centre (CTAG).

The group’s career path has enable the performance of services as evaluator and consultant of the National Agency for Evaluation and Forecasting (ANEP) and the Spanish Ministry of Education. Furthermore, its members have been repeatedly invited to participate as reviewers in international publications and conferences.


In the area of acoustics research, the group has fostered Sonitum trademark, registered by the University of Vigo. In addition, GTM has transferred technology to Prodys (company that works in audio and video compression and communication technologies) in activities related to audio coding.

GTM holds contracts with Eduardo Torroja Institute for Building Sciences and it has collaborated with Ramón Piñeiro Centre for Research in Humanities in the field of activities in speech processing.





Carmen García Mateo

Associate Professors

Eduardo Rodríguez Banga

Manuel Ángel Sobreira Seoane

Oscar William Márquez Flórez

José Luis Alba Castro

María Victoria Abreu Sernández

Antonio Salvador Pena Giménez

Antonio José Cardenal López

María Soledad Torres Guijarro

Laura Docío Fernández

'FPI grant' Researcher

Paula López Otero

María del Carmen Magariños Iglesias

Postdoctoral Researcher

Elisardo González Agulla


Francisco Parada Loira

Iago Landesa Vázquez

Roberto Seara Dopazo

Marta Martínez Maquieira

Rocío Varela Fernández

Maximino Roi Méndez Rial

Javier Reguero Salgado


Lucía Teijeiro Mosquera

David Pérez Cabo