This project aims to STRENGTHEN the capacities of higher education by setting up a shared and unifying platform of SPOC and MOOC courses. The stakeholders of this project will try to draw on successful experiences and capitalize on the good practices that Will make it possible to benefit from the platforms for the diffusion of online courses as successfully conducted at national and international level in Europe.

General objectives

  • Support the adoption of a hybrid learning approach through the use of new pedagogical practices: open and massive (MOC) and private small group (SPOC) online courses.
  • Accompany Moroccan public and private universities in the process of designing and developing rich and innovative teaching materials.
  • Provide public and private Moroccan universities with a shared and unifying platform for SPOC and MOOC courses.
  • Contribute to the opening up of public and private Moroccan universities on the socio-economic world by evolving towards a model of e-learning open to all and “on-demand”.

Specific objectives

  • Strengthen the capacities and competences internal to the universities by a training dedicated to the teachers for the creation of the courses MOOC as well as the technicians for the control of the technical environment.
  • Create, design and launch innovative SPOC and MOOC courses in the six priority academic areas: business and business administration, law, physical and life sciences, engineering, agriculture and fisheries, health.
  • Sharing of experiences between European and Southern partners in the integration of MOOC into education.
  • Provide the Moroccan universities with a shared and unifying platform for SPOC and MOOC: MarMOOC.
  • Provide teachers with a reference guide for the creation of the SPOC and MOOC courses.
  • Migrate existing courses and resources to the shared MarMOOC platform.
  • To establish the current state of distance education in the Moroccan universities of the consortium.

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