Quantum Communications for ALL (QCALL) is a European Innovative Training Network that endeavours to take the next necessary steps to bring the developing quantum technologies closer to the doorsteps of end users. QCALL will empower a nucleus of 15 doctoral researchers in this area to provide secure communications in the European continent and, in the long run, to its connections worldwide. Check out our research work packages and training activities in the form of Schools and Workshops to find more about the scope of the project.

QCALL combines a wealth of experimental and theoretical expertise at the participant organisations to address the key challenges of quantum communications (QC) technologies by developing: i) Working demonstrators and prototypes, with provable security, for the first generation of metropolitan-area quantum networks; ii) Theoretical and experimental progress towards practical realisations of long-distance quantum networks, in particular, addressing security, architecture, standards, and required resources; and iii) New quantum cryptography implementations, protocols and services that will enable its widespread exploitation.

This will be achieved via three research work packages (WPs):

  • WP1 on Advanced Technologies for Metropolitan Quantum Networks.
  • WP2 on Long-distance QC Systems & Networks.
  • WP3 on Novel Protocols & Devices for Future QC Networks.

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