Bioengineering and Chronobiology Laboratory (LBC)

The research group called Bioengineering and Chronobiology Laboratory, integrated in the atlanTTic group, works on the development and application of statistical methodology and signal processing, following a fundamentally practical and clinical approach, to improve the people’s health.

For more than 30 years, it has led projects and research projects in areas such as aging, epidemiology, oncology, pharmacology, endocrinology or the development of new methods of data analysis.

Lines of Research

Chronobiology and chronotherapy in the cardiovascular system
Hypertension diagnosis
Evaluation of antihypertensive drugs.
Early detection of hypertensive problems during pregnancy.
Diabetes and chronic kidney disease.
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Keywords: hypertension, diabetes, chronic renal disease, cardiovascular risk, pregnancy, ambulatory monitoring, circadian rhythms, chronobiology, chronotherapy, signal processing.

The results of the group’s research have been published in some of the major journals in each of the related areas: hypertension and vascular risk (JACC, Circulation, Hypertension, American Journal of Hypertension), diabetes and metabolic risk (Diabetes (JASN, Nature Reviews Nephrology…), pregnancy (Hypertension, Journal of Perinatal Medicine…), chronobiology and chrono-therapy (Chronobiology International…)

  • Patent US8428965B2 (granted in 2013): System for clinical research and clinical management of cardiovascular risk using ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and actigraphy. Artemio Moje Ojea, Ramón Hermida Domínguez, José Ramón Fernández Bernárdez.
  • Patent US9198619B2 (granted in 2015): Method and system for activity / rest identification. Cristina Crespo Veiga, Pedro Mateo Riobó Aboy, José Ramón Fernández Bernárdez, Artemio Mojón Ojea.
  • Finally, as a way of transferring the group’s research results directly to society, a university spin-off is being set up: Circadian Ambulatory Technology & Diagnostics.
Type of Collaboration
Universidade de Ferrara Research Collaboration
Universidade de Minnesota Research Collaboration
Universidade de Texas Research Collaboration
Circadian Medicine International Research Collaboration
Tiba Medical Research Collaboration
Novartis Farma AG Research Collaboration
Bayer HealthCare LLC Research Collaboration