Networking Laboratory (NetLab)

The Network Laboratory’s work focuses on theoretical research and the construction of engineering solutions in computer networks. We propose concepts, models, analysis, algorithms and software products to improve the transmission of information on the Internet, to reach the capacity of wireless networks, to understand the dynamics of social networks and to control these large network systems.


Lines of Research

Analytical and simulation models for wired and wireless networks, and data centers (delay and loss, quality of service, coverage, outage and spectral efficiency, scheduling and resource allocation)
Green networking, energy efficiency in the design, architecture and operation of communication devices and equipment (interfaces, switches / routers, base stations, data centers).
Online social networks, especially applied to education (data analytics, data mining in OSN, structural analysis of OSN).
Virtualization of network functions and services (NFV / SDN virtual services and services models, network slicing and ONOS / OpenStack resource federation).
Tecnologías de distribución multimedia
Redes de comunicaciones 5G
Análisis de datos
Redes inalámbricas
Aplicaciones avanzadas

Keywords: network architecture,network protocols ,stochastic,stochastic system modeling, green networks, online social network, data communication,network virtualization

  • Development of an own e-learning platform.
Type of Collaboration
Universidade de Coimbra Research collaboration
Brno University Research collaboration
University College Dublin Research collaboration
UPM Research collaboration
Enco SRL Research collaboration
Portugal Telecom Research collaboration