GTI group, of the Data Networks area of atlanTTic, was a finalist of the British Telecom Lime Microsystem Hackaton 2017. The scope of the event is focused on the creation of 5G demonstrators of virtual operators. The presented demonstrator is called BestNet: SDN enabled converged network optimization. 60 projects were presented and there were 8 winners.

BT teamed up with Lime Microsystems, Ubuntu, Quortus, Amarisoft, eurecom, Facebook, EIT Digital, Sysmocom, and TechHub to find small companies and academic institutions who understand the power of Software Definable Radio to completely change the landscape of communications

Communications networks have traditionally been the province of large engineering companies, producing tailored hardware with long development cycles. With the emerging ability to move many of those hardware components into software, combined with Lime Microsystems flexible SDR hardware, BT wanted to test if the creation of more dynamic and flexible solutions with far shorter development times could be demonstrated.

BestNet project: SDN enabled converged network optimization, the center presented the hackaton. (LINK)