The connected vehicle is already a reality in the market, with a process of vertiginous growth that opens up a whole set of new services, among which the autonomous driving must be mentioned as the most disruptive.

In this scenario, the satellite is postulated as the ideal platform to provide Over The Air Services (SOTA), such as video broadcasting or remote updating of software for infotainment units (road conditions, news, etc.) of the vehicles. Precisely for this type of applications, the satellite is more competitive and efficient than the terrestrial networks (3G / 4G), since from the satellite a single file of update for all the vehicles is sent (broadcast transmission), whereas with the networks a file is sent for each vehicle.

In addition, the massive use of “Over The Air” software upgrade systems requires highly available and low cost networks, so satellite communications using the Ka band offer great potential.

Thus, the main objective of the Sat2Car project is to develop and validate a comprehensive system of mobile services and applications (Over Air Services) in vehicles through a communications satellite operating in the Ka band that allows managing, queuing, transmitting, validating, and deploy software updates remotely over a fleet of vehicles.