Technology expense in the euro zone it will grow 5.4% over this 2015, with an estimated investment of 190,000 million for business technology acquisition, as published in the report prepared by the international consultancy Forrester.

According to published data, European firms will earmark 28% of the total of their annual budget for shopping technology to ensure viability, improve their competitiveness in different markets and take advantage of new business opportunities.

This report highlights how important is the implementation of business management software and systems integration services, among others, for the development of new products or more competitive services, to generate value, improve the processes efficiency, consolidate the relationship with customers, reduce costs, and gain access to new markets.

Business technology expend will grow significantly at a rate of 11.8% with respect to expenditure on ICT of the 3.1% planned for this year. In addition, the report predicts that services that generate increased turnover (such as systems integration services and analysis software and data management implementation) will be the most demanded by business and governmental organizations, with an estimated growth of 7.4%. Followed by consultancy and technological advice services which will also increase 7% during 2015.

Globally, data predict that European market will exceed the forecast of 25% of the total volume of purchases aimed at business technology of the Asian continent. However, the European progression will continue below the American market, whose technology expenditure will be around 36% of the total volume of purchases.

Companies and American Governments are aware of the benefits of business technology for improving the productivity of the economy and the efficiency of procedures that lead the rankings with a forecast of 1.105 billion euros of investment in technology. Second place belongs to Central and Western Europe, with a planned turnover in technology purchases of 684,000 million euros; closely followed by Asia and the Pacific, with a total of 512,000 million.


Speaking strictly of Europe, the consultancy predicts that United Kingdom investment investment of 150.500 million euros, in addition with 112,000 million from Germany and 89,000 million from France, will exceed more than the expected average on technology purchases by companies and Governments for this year.

According to experts from the consultancy, data collected in the report are supported by the outlay increase, made by companies and European Governments, on mobile applications and big data technology. For 2016, the technology expenditure volume is about 4.1%, highly lower than this year, the report indicates that business technology investment will continue growing

Although the volume of technology spending of 4.1% estimated for the year 2016 is slightly lower than the planned for this year, data indicate that investment in business technology will continue to grow significantly until 2020.



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