This contribution presents a database of underwater sounds produced by vessels of various types. Besides sound recordings, the database contains details of the conditions for obtaining each recording: type of vessel, location of the recording equipment, weather conditions, etc. For its realization, a methodology for recording sounds and gathering additional information has been established, that will facilitate its use to the research community, and expanding the number of records in the database in the future.

The sounds are recorded in shallow waters and in real conditions. Therefore, the recordings contain both natural and anthropogenic environment noise. It aims to provide a database of real sounds that researchers can use, for example, to train boat detectors and classifiers, usable in monitoring maritime traffic.

Database field description

Searching the database

The web application can sort data on any column and perform searches on one or two fields. Searches can be done using a form placed at the bottom of each page of records.

Audio samples

You can download from here some samples of diferent types of ships included in the database. The first number in the filename of the wave files matches their 'id' in the database. To get full access to the database please send a request to the email contact below.

Contact and distribution

Universidad de Vigo, Telecomunications faculty. Campus Universitario Lagoas-Marcosende, 36310 VIGO (Pontevedra)

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