atlanTTic is the Research Center for Telecommunication Technologies driven by the University of Vigo (Galicia, Spain). Located at the Vigo University campus, atlanTTic carries out its scientific activity in the fields of privacy and security, multimedia technologies, data networks, and services, bioengineering, radar, satellite communications and, in general, radio and optical communications. With more than 160 professionals, it carries out intensive research and transfer activities, and participates in several H2020 projects, having been awarded several prizes and recognitions for its work. Several of its researchers are also distinguished members of some of the most renowned academies and scientific and professional societies.


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of European calls over the last 5 years

In the last five years, the Center has won more than 179 R&D contracts and research projects, of which 26% of projects are European or international. atlanTTic combines its research excellence with its high technological knowledge transfer abilities, as proven by the 27 R&D active projects and contracts last year.

Also atlanTTic is committed to train and recruit young talent. The Center coordinates several postgraduate programs and participates in activities and seminars that offer a competitive international environment to train new researchers.