Next week it will take place at the center a number of seminars about communication and quantum cryptography in which researchers of two prestigious centers in the field, will tackle the issue. The seminar agenda is as folllows:

Wednesday 19 april from 13:00h to 14:30h. Salón de grados| Escuela Ingeniería Telecomunicación (Vigo),

Title: How quantum signals help to maintain privacy and speeds things up

Speaker: Prof. Norbert Lütkenhaus (University of  Waterloo | Institute for Quantum Computing)


Thursday 20 april from 15:30h to 17:00h. Sala acristalada (A-010) | Escuela Ingeniería Telecomunicación (Vigo)

Title: Practical Quantum Key Distribution with Continuous Variables

Speaker: Luis Trigo Vidarte (Institut d’Optique Graduate School and Université Pierre et Marie Curie)


Friday 21 april from 15:00h to 16:30h.T217 Room| Escuela Ingeniería Telecomunicación (Vigo)

Title: Quantum Cryptography: Why and How

Speaker: Prof. Norbert Lütkenhaus (University of Waterloo | Institute for Quantum Computing)

Quantum communication represents one of the key resarch line in atlanTTic and counts on recognized prestige researchers in the field.