One of the objectives of atlanTTic is technology transfer to the industry. One of the evidence of commitment to this end is the number of Ignicia projects funded by GAIN aiming to support the valorization of research and technology tranfer.


RadioUAV is the result of applying the extensive experience of two Spanish universities, the University of Vigo and the University of Oviedo in the development of radiofrequency systems and methods for antenna measurement and radar imaging, together with the technological advances associated with drones, as well as the improvement in positioning and georeferencing systems.

Two systems for nondestructive measurement and inspection based on radiofrequency sensor on board Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have been developed. The use of these sensors allows detecting phenomena that we cannot see with our own eyes or with the cameras usually placed on drones.


AidFork é un proxecto que ten como obxectivo desenvolver un kit de ferramentas forenses automáticas que permitan analizar contidos multimedia (imaxes e vídeos) coa finalidade de verificar a súa integridade e autenticidade. Estes algoritmos baséanse na análise estatística de artefactos visualmente imperceptibles que poidan revelar trazas de falsificación ou información temporal relativa ao momento da captura do vídeo.

A través de AidFork búscase comercializar dous produtos de análise forense: Fawrensian, para a detección automática de manipulacións en imaxes dixitais e Vidinger, para determinar o instante exacto dunha gravación de vídeo a partir das variacións da luz.




Another form of technology transfer to the industry is the number of spin-offs that have emerged from the research center. In a field such as Telecommunication Technologies in addition to the research purpose, the connection with the market is required. Therefore, within the center’s research ecosystem, it is one of the centers with the largest number of spin-offs in recent years.


This technology enables new business models for professional and user applications. It is a technology that allows interacting, through screens and desktop, with user applications resident in personal mobile phones.


Alén Space

O seu equipo, con máis dunha década de experiencia no desenolvemento de tecnoloxía espacial, foron pioneiros do New Space, lanzando ao espazo o primieiro nanosatélite español en 2012.

Alén Space pon ao alcance os servizos de nanosatélites con solucións integrais que abarcan a consultaría, deseño, fabricación e operación de pequenos satélites.

Alén Space

CAT & D activity can be summarized as the commercialization of risk assessment services, individualized and / or at the population level, cardiovascular, metabolic and renal, as well as the early identification of hypertensive complications during pregnancy, through its own software based on derived prognostic parameters of the ambulatory blood pressure measure (ABPM).

This is complemented by a portfolio of services that include the associated training, advice on creation and management of ABPM units, experimental design and particularized studies, management and analysis of data and reporting.


A Company dedicated to the development of ICT services and solutions for hospitals, both for patients and professionals, focusing on hospitality, medical information presentation and sharing, scalable cloud architectures and mobile applications.


The company develops custom tailored state-of-the-art software, firmware and electronics solutions for the industry, with an emphasis on computer vision, artificial intelligence, optimization, and automation.


The company provides a reliable measurement of your customers habits through their automated audience measurement software that counts people, attention, emotion and demographic estimation.