Alvarez Outerelo

PhD student

Área of Signal Theory and Communications
Department of Signal Theory and Communications

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Research results

Pedrosa-Rodriguez, L., Outerelo, D.A., Diaz-Otero, F.J.
Nonlinear effects induced in the normalized ion density in a linear trap system for a large ion cloud
Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 53, 10, 2018 | DOI

Pedrosa-Rodriguez, L., Outerelo, D.A., Gomez-Alcala, R., de Vicente, F.I., Diaz-Otero, F.J.
Design, development and testing of a helical resonator for trapping Sr+ ions for frequency standards and sensing applications
Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation, 125, , 2018 | DOI

Conference Paper
Naghar, A., Aghzout, O., Alejos, A.V., Outerelo, D.A., Falcone, F.
Improvement of notch performances for UWB monopole antennas using CSRR and SSRR
International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems -Proceedings, , , 2017 | DOI

Alejos, A.V., Dawood, M., Aguirre, E., Falcone, F., Outerelo, D.A., Naghar, A., Agzhout, O.
Influence of impairments due to dispersive propagation on the antenna design for body-based applications
Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, 29, 17, 2015 | DOI