Candal Ventureira

Predoctoral Fellow

Área of Telematic Engineering
Department of Telematic Engineering

Contact information

School of Telecommunications Engineering
Despacho B-509

As Lagoas, Marcosende
36310 Vigo

+34 986 818 684


Research results

García-Rois, J., Fondo-Ferreiro, P., Gil-Castiñeira, F., González-Castaño, F.J., Candal-Ventureira, D.
Evaluating management and orchestration impact on closed-loop orchestration delay
Software – Practice and Experience, 51, 2, 2021 | DOI

Candal-Ventureira, D., Fondo-Ferreiro, P., Gil-Castiñeira, F., González-Castaño, F.J.
Quarantining malicious iot devices in intelligent sliced mobile networks
Sensors (Switzerland), 20, 18, 2020 | DOI

Gonzalez-Castano, F.J., Gil-Castineira, F., Rodriguez-Pereira, D., Regueiro-Janeiro, J.A., Garcia-Mendez, S., Candal-Ventureira, D.
Self-Corrective Sensor Fusion for Drone Positioning in Indoor Facilities
IEEE Access, , , 2020 | DOI

Fondo-Ferreiro, P., Gil-Castineira, F., Gonzalez-Castano, F.J., Candal-Ventureira, D.
A Software-Defined Networking Solution for Transparent Session and Service Continuity in Dynamic Multi-Access Edge Computing
IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, , , 2020 | DOI

Conference Paper
Candal-Ventureira, D., Gil-Castiñeira, F., Muñoz-Castañer, J., González-Castaño, F.J.
A practical approach for small cell sharing using a time-multiplexing scheme
Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social-Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering, LNICST, 263, , 2019 | DOI