Radio Systems (SR)

The Radio Systems Group of the University of Vigo carries out an important R&D activity, collaborating with different companies and organizations, combining scientific excellence and the transfer of technology to the market. This is the result of the wide range of applications of technologies, but also of the facilities available in the laboratories, the staff and their extensive research experience.

It takes an active part in R&D projects (regional, national and European). Some of the projects are summarized on their website, which are an sample of their activities. The group coordinates graduate programs, and collaborates in the training of new scientists in a competitive international environment.


Lines of Research

Radio channel analysis.
Characterization of propagation degradations.
Noise and interference and design techniques to mitigate these problems.
Design, construction and measurement of antennas for different applications.
Radar, with emphasis on polarimetric measurement techniques for meteorological radar and SAR.
Passive radar.
Tecnologías de distribución multimedia
Redes de comunicaciones 5G
Análisis de datos
Redes inalámbricas
Aplicaciones avanzadas

Keywords: radio systems, mobile communications, wireless networks, sensor networks, radiofrequency, satellite navigation systems, antenna, radar,5G.

  • Impulse noise cancellation method in Power Line communications (PLC) systems by processing the transmission free carriers.
  • Method for suppressing impulsive noise in radio receivers with diversity or spatial multiplexing.
  • Method of reduction of impulsive noise in telecommunication systems through the extension of the receiver band.
  • Ground penetration radar by transmission of waveforms based on series of complementary phase sequences.
  • Method of suppressing impulsive noise in a radio communication channel by monitoring another channel at different frequencies.
  • Method of suppressing impulsive noise by polarization diversity, for radio wave communication systems.
Type of Collaboration
Telefónica Móviles España Research collaboration
Televés Research collaboration
GTG Ingenieros Research collaboration
UTECA Research collaboration
European Communication Office Research collaboration
Gamesa Research collaboration
Gradiant Research collaboration