Signal Processing in Communications Group (GPSC)

The Signal Processing in Communications Group (GPSC) has been consistently developing two parallel research lines which make extensive use of advanced signal processing tools. On one side, we have experience in the application of such techniques in communication systems and sensor networks, e.g., in synchronization, equalization, link monitoring and adaptation, satellite and mmWave communications, spectrum sensing, etc. On the other hand, the group has been active in the field of multimedia security, including digital watermarking, digital forensics, and signal processing in the encrypted domain. The proficiency of the group can be seen by the results obtained in these areas: in the last 10 years, GPSC members have directed 9 PhD theses, published over 70 papers in international journals, and secured €9M in funding from public (including European projects) as well as private sources (with more than 10 patents).


Lines of Research

Digital forensics
Forensic analysis of multimedia signals
Digital watermarking
Technologies to improve privacy
Signal processing in the encrypted domain
Digital Communications
Channel estimation
Cognitive Radio
Satellite communications
Improving efficiency in digital communications
Adaptive Signal Processing
“Full-Duplex” Communications
Sensor Networks
Tecnologías de distribución multimedia
Redes de comunicaciones 5G
Análisis de datos
Redes inalámbricas
Aplicaciones avanzadas

Keywords: SatCom, SDR, Multibeam, Adaptive Link, Beamforming, VDES, maritime communications, Full-Duplex, Self-interference

  • Project: REWIND: REVerse engineering of audio-Visual coNtent Data
  • Project: WITDOM: empoWering prIvacy and securiTy in non-trusteD envirOnMents
Type of Collaboration
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Research collaboration
Universidad Polictécnica de Cataluña Research collaboration
CTTC Research collaboration
Gradiant Research collaboration
University of Texas at Austin Research collaboration
Universidad de Aalto Research collaboration
University of Luxembourg Research collaboration
Universidades de Siena, Florencia, Trento y Politecnico de Milán Research collaboration
Universidad de Ginebra Research collaboration
Universidad Politécnica de Lausanne Research collaboration