Goal: Completion of a PhD thesis in the framework of a research Project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation

Where: atlanTTic Research Center (University of Vigo)

The Signal Processing in Communications Group (GPSC) at attlanTTic offers a 4-year contract to join a multidisciplinary team focused on the development of technological knowledge in the areas of Digital Communications and Multimedia.
We are seeking highly motivated candidates in an early stage of their research careers, willing to develop a PhD thesis in the framework of the project Robust methods for statistical inference, data integrity and interference management (reference: PID2019-105717RB-C21) funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN).
The successful candidate must hold a Master’s Degree at the time of joining our group (estimated February- March 2021). Good academic grades, as well as spoken and written communication skills in English are required. Previous research experience is also a plus.

Aplication: Eligible candidates must submit their application electronically by October 27 in the following link, where employment terms and conditions can also be found:

Please refer any further questions to: Prof. Roberto López Valcarce (valcarce@gts.uvigo.es)