The project

The Project Táctica, presented by AtlantTIC research centre from the University of Vigo, aims to promote the knowledge generation and transfer hub created in Galicia around the  School of Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Vigo. Táctica is focused on the ICT sector and it is presented as a series of enabling lines of research, whose results are clearly transferrable to the industry. This is endorsed by the extensive track record of technology transfer to the Galician companies from the groups within AtlantTIC research centre and by the alignment of  AtlantTIC’s lines to the interests of the sector.

The business demands of R&D in Information and Communication Technologies and the long history of transfer from the research groups in AtlantTIC, have allowed the definition of several subprojects or lines of work that should work as enhancing elements of this transfer from the centre to the enterprises in the ICT sector. Each of the lines of work completely fits in some of the major areas of the Galician companies.