Universidade de Vigo

We were born in 2010, and since then our objectives have been to train and attract the best research personnel in our field, secure European and international R&D projects, achieve research excellence with the quality of publications as the main indicator, and transfer knowledge and technologies to society and the industrial sector. Our research staff is responsible for our good annual figures, which we present below:

R&D income

Our history in 5 milestones

2010. Creation

This year we began our journey as the AtlantTIC alliance, establishing ourselves as an aggregating agent of knowledge and research excellence, with more than 150 researchers in the field of telecommunications. Nuria González Prelcic, our first director, defined us as “a powerful and efficient research structure, of manageable size and capable of tackling collaborative projects”.

2010-2014. Strategic alliance

During the first four years, we continued with our development, adding up to nearly 180 professionals recognized for their scientific excellence and transferability skills, and committed to the advancement of research in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

2014-2016. Consolidated strategic alliance

In this period, we continue to maintain a strong connection with the academic and business sectors. In 2016, the Galician government endorsed us as a Singular Research Center of Galicia, and from here, Carlos Mosquera Nartallo assumes the center’s leadership.

2016-2019. Singular Research Center of Galicia

As a research center, driven by the University of Vigo, we updated our image and strategy, renaming ourselves as atlanTTic to emphasize our unique value: Telecommunication Technologies.

2019-today. Research Center of the SUG

At the end of 2019, we renewed our accreditation as a center and changed our name to Research Center of the SUG, becoming part of the new network formed by centers of excellence in Galicia, the CIGUS network. In 2020, Martín Llamas Nistal took over as director, and he currently leads the center.