Universidade de Vigo

The Center has a series of governance and management structures that ensure excellence, transparency, responsibility, equality, accountability, organizational culture, and effective participation of the various stakeholders involved in the research process.

Organization Chart

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Governing Board Scientific Committee Research Support Unit External Scientific Advisory Committee (CAE) Management Committee ( CD ) Scientific Committee Training Committee Infraestructure Committee Direction Gender Equality Committee

Governing Board

Oversees the activity of atlanTTic, monitoring its work, evaluating goal attainment, and its action plan.

External Scientific Advisory Committee

An external advisory body composed of highly esteemed researchers in the field of telecommunications technologies, with functions such as providing strategic recommendations and periodically assessing the center’s scientific activity.

Management Committee

Its purpose is to support decision-making and the operational deployment of strategic priorities.

Scientific Committee

A governing body with its own operating regulations, with various functions including approving the strategic plan, approving the addition of new affiliated personnel, and proposing candidates for the center’s leadership to the board of directors.

Training Committee

Defines the annual internal training plan for all center personnel and designs the training program dedicated to research staff.

Infraestructure Committee

Advises on the acquisition of new infrastructure, improvements to existing ones, and the definition of services provided through common infrastructures.