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Designing the technologies of the future

We drive the advancement of society through the generation and transfer of high-value knowledge in the field of telecommunications technologies and digital services.

We work in the following areas

5G and beyond, satellite communications, optics and photonics, and electromagnetism are some of the research lines aimed at addressing the challenge of future connectivity.

Application of technologies such as artificial intelligence, data science and engineering in various fields, including health, education, and offerings, contributes to the design of intelligent services, making this domain one of our flagship areas.

We are internationally recognized in the fields of security, privacy, and cryptography and quantum communications.

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Edificio Miralles, Sala 1, Universidade de Vigo
17/11/2023, 9:00-12:00
A010 (Sala Acristalada), E.E. de Telecomunicación da Universidade de Vigo
10 de noviembre de 2023
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