Universidade de Vigo

Blanco Fernández, Yolanda

Blanco Fernández, Yolanda
Associate Professor
Research group
Despacho B-102

She is a Telecommunications Engineer from the University of Vigo in 2003 and she received her Ph.D. from the same university in 2007. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Telematics Engineering. Her main research focuses on personalization and recommender systems (user modeling techniques and filtering strategies), Web 2.0 (data mining in social networks and trust and reputation models), Semantic Web (semantic reasoning processes and knowledge representation structures), and the development of services and applications for mobile ad-hoc networks (sporadic networks, virtualization mechanisms, routing protocols, new paradigms based on cloud computing, and XaaS service models for resource sharing among mobile nodes). She has supervised 2 doctoral theses and has participated in 29 competitive projects at the national and European levels. She is a co-author of 175 publications, including national and international conferences, book chapters, and journals such as IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, Journal of Computational Science, Expert Systems with Applications, Information Sciences, and IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics.