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Díaz Redondo, Rebeca Pilar

Díaz Redondo, Rebeca Pilar
Full Professor
Research group
Despacho B-301

Rebeca P. Díaz Redondo, Full Professor at the Department of Telematics Engineering, is a Telecommunications Engineer (1997) and holds a Ph.D. in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Vigo (2002). Since 2012, she has been a member of the atlanTTic research center and coordinates the Information & Computing Lab (I&CLab). In terms of her teaching activities, Rebeca teaches in the Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunication Technologies Engineering and the Master’s Degree in Telecommunications Engineering. Additionally, she has supervised 11 doctoral theses and currently mentors 6 Ph.D. students.

Her research focuses on defining appropriate solutions that consider privacy in the field of distributed Deep Learning/Machine Learning (DL/ML). This research line also addresses the application of incremental learning, reinforced learning, and explainable AI (Artificial Intelligence) in distributed and collaborative computing contexts. She is particularly interested in applying these approaches to IoT solutions, considering specific protocols and distributed computing solutions at the edge (Edge/Fog/Mist computing). The combination of these technologies supports decision-making in various sectors such as smart cities, sensor orchestration, Industry 4.0, financial markets, etc. In the research domain, Rebeca has participated in more than 50 projects and 25 technology transfer initiatives through contracts with companies and/or public institutions. The results of her research have been disseminated through more than 70 articles published in JCR journals. Currently, she is involved in the scientific and technical activities of various national and European research and educational projects.

In the social context of her research, Rebeca participates in initiatives to combat sexism in digital media and to preserve ethics in machine learning. Finally, she has been the Director of the School of Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Vigo since March 2021.