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Navarro Medina, Fermín

Navarro Medina, Fermín
Associate Professor
Research group

I hold a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) since 2010. I conducted teaching activities in the aerospace engineering degree, the Master of Space Technology (MST-UPM), and the Master of Aeronautical Engineering during my tenure at UPM (2010-2014) and at the European University of Madrid (2015-2019). Currently, I am a professor at the School of Aerospace and Space Engineering at the University of Vigo, in the Aerospace Engineering area.

My research activity focuses on space vehicle technology and civil and aeronautical aerodynamics. My areas of expertise within space technology include thermal control, thermo-elastic analysis, mission analysis, and attitude control. At IDR, I conducted research activities and technical support stays to support the thermal control of spacecraft on various ESA missions (NOMAD subsystems on ExoMars and EPD on Solar Orbiter), at the Belgian Institute for Aeronomy Space (Brussels), and at the Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics (University of Kiel). In the ExoMars program, I carried out thermal control of the NOMAD instrument, surpassing the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) and Critical Design Review (CDR) reviews. During my tenure at the European University of Madrid, I had the opportunity to coordinate a picosatellite program (UESAT1-EASAT2), where I conducted mission and thermal analysis activities. Currently, I am involved as a thermal control engineer and tests at WipTherm. I am also dedicated to technical support in thermal control, tests, and thermoelastic analysis during the development of the Hypso nanosatellites for NTNU in Norway and technical support for the SpaceLab student association at the University of Vigo. Additionally, I collaborate in the development of a lunar vehicle in its conceptual design phase together with the University of Oviedo, with functions in systems engineering and thermal control.

In the field of aerodynamics, I have several publications and reports in national and international congresses related to high-speed train aerodynamics. I have participated in research projects in train aerodynamics in collaboration with Talgo and ADIF, and in aerodynamics of aircraft fuselage-tail configurations with AIRBUS OPERATIONS S.L., specializing in analytical aerodynamics, low-speed wind tunnel tests, and on-site tests on the Madrid-Barcelona high-speed line. I also have experience in rapid prototyping (design and manufacturing) of models for wind tunnel testing. Recently, I initiated a research line on aerodynamic vehicles in extraterrestrial atmospheres.