Universidade de Vigo

Webinar: Trustworthy AI, tooling up the methods

A new opportunity to get inside the topic of TRUMPET project, gaining useful insight for Federated Learning application in healthcare. On December, 4th, DrZakaria Chihani, from CEA will held a seminar titled Trustworthy AI, tooling up the methods”.


AI model: ensuring trustworthiness is a focal point

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), ensuring its trustworthiness has been a focal point of extensive academic exploration. The seminar delves into the transition of this theoretical research into tangible impacts on the industrial sector and forthcoming standards. A significant chunk of AI research has concentrated on assessing and validating trustworthiness, covering aspects such as robustness, transparency, safety, and security. These foundational efforts have paved the way for the natural evolution of bringing academic insights to practical applications.

Translate machine learning algorithms into usable tools

The seminar underscores the need for these research efforts to extend beyond theoretical feasibility. It emphasizes the importance of translating these algorithms into usable tools capable of scaling to real-world issues. Moreover, the discussion sheds light on the profound influence of ongoing research on shaping emerging standards in AI.

Racing towards usability
While fundamental research forms a crucial bedrock, the seminar recognizes a parallel race among research teams. The objective is to develop practical and scalable AI tools that can seamlessly integrate into diverse real-world scenarios. This dynamic environment reflects the urgency of aligning AI developments with the swiftly moving currents of the field. The seminar doesn’t just celebrate theoretical advancements; it zeros in on the practical application of AI in the real world. It explores how far we’ve come in realizing the vision of AI securely permeating various aspects of our future. The webinar serves as a platform for reflection on the journey from theoretical frameworks to practical implementations, signaling a paradigm shift where AI is not just theoretical constructs but usable tools making a tangible impact.