Universidade de Vigo

Year 2024


An Adaptive Method for Camera Attribution Under Complex Radial Distortion Corrections

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Conversational agents for depression screening: A systematic review

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End-to-end active queue management with Named-Data Networking

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Impact of hypertension treatment-time on cardiovascular outcomes: erroneous trial selection leading to suspect findings

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Implementation Security in Quantum Key Distribution

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Security of quantum key distribution with imperfect phase randomisation

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Structural thermal optical performance (STOP) analysis and experimental verification of an hyperspectral imager for the HYPSO CubeSat

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Vampire: A smart energy meter for synchronous monitoring in a distributed computer system

Díaz, A. F., Prieto, B., Escobar, J. J., & Lampert, T. (2024). Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 184.

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