Research Areas

Optical Communications

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Optical Communications

Advanced photonic devices

Quantum optics

Quantum communications with photonic technology

Optoelectronic devices

Nonlinear optics

Photonic processing

Computational Electromagnetics

Antenna design

High Performance Computing

Remote sensing and radio navigation

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Microwave remote sensing

Radiant Systems for radar applications

Radar systems

Computational Electromagnetics for radio navigation

Radar imaging (ISAR)

Radar cross section (RCS) prediction, reduction and measurement

Radio wave propagation

Antenna design for radar systems

Automotive radar

High Performance Computing (HPC) in radar systems

Radio Communication

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Wideband radio channel characterisation

Wireless sensor networks

Satellite reception antennas

Eletromagnetic propagation in frequency dispersive environments

Design of high frequency antennas

MIMO techniques in mobile networks

Computational electromagnetics in radio communication

Radio wave propagation in vegetated environments

Radio planning

Radio wave propagation

Antenna design for communications

Electromagnetic shielding

High Performance Computing (HPC) in radio communication

Signal Processing

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Speech Technology

Speech Synthesis

Speech Recognition


Statistical Machine Translation

Image Processing and Machine Vision


Audio Processing

Underwater acoustics

Digital Watermarking and Data Hiding

Adaptive Filtering

Statistical Signal Processing

Media Forensics and Security

Signal processing in the encrypted domain

Privacy enhancing technologies

Compressive sampling

Time-frequency decompositions

Digital communications

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Cognitive radio

Satellite communications

Digital communications

Satellite communications

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Radio wave propagation

Antenna design for satellite communications

Communication electronics

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Nonlinear modeling and characterisation of microwave semiconductor active devices

Nonlinear characterisation with complex signals of microwave devices and circuits using vector nonlinear network analysers (VNNA).

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC, EMI, EMR) on board of complex platforms (ships, aircrafts, cars, trucks, etc.)

Design of RF & microwave integrated circuits and systems, for radio communications


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Diagnosis of hypertension

Evaluation of antihypertensive therapy

Semi-automatic evaluation of cardiovascular risk

Analysis of biomedical signals

Development of software for collection and analysis of biomedical data

Data networks

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Optical networks

Mobile networks

Architecture and telematic services

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Digital Home services and Systems

Process based systems

Collective Intelligence

Knowledge based services


User interfaces

Embedded systems

Intelligent networked systems

Web 2.0 Technologies: social networks, collaborative tagging, group recommendation, web service composition, quality and reliablity

Web 3.0 Technologies: ontologies, semantic filtering, context adaptation, semantic web services, reasoning

Cloud Computing: characterization, discovery, composition and recommendation of cloud services

New applications and services in the fields of e-learning, advertising, tourism and multimedia content