Universidade de Vigo

The provision of solutions for safeguarding sensitive data privacy is a crucial aspect of our research work, establishing us as an international reference. The implementation of these solutions enhances the security and trust of users in systems for handling and processing private data, without restricting the functionality offered by companies/institutions. This generates a fundamental competitive advantage for businesses and opens up a new range of secure services

Another cutting-edge research field at atlanTTic is quantum cryptography. Quantum cryptography provides absolute security to communications, rendering them invulnerable even to attackers with the full computational capacity of the universe. In other words, these are systems that cannot be breached. In a world where the exchange of sensitive or compromised information is increasing over the internet, governments and institutions are aware that they must work on creating secure communication networks that employ these protocols. In fact, our researchers affiliated to the Vigo Quantum Communication Center (VQCC), a specialized laboratory in quantum communication technologies, are leaders in this domain.

We are internationally recognized in the fields of security, privacy, and cryptography and quantum communications.

Research lines:

  • Security and Privacy
  • Cryptography and Quantum Communications