Universidade de Vigo

Vázquez Enríquez, Manuel

Teoría do Sinal e Comunicacións
Research group
Despacho A-313

Manuel Vázquez completed the technical engineering in the specialization of “Image and Sound” at the University of Vigo in 2011. Since that year he collaborated as a contracted researcher in the department of GPI-RV until 2019. In 2018 he completed the Master Degree in Telecommunication Engineering and his master’s thesis entitled “A deep learning approach for pneumonia detection on chest x-ray” obtained the award “Premio ao mellor TFM en Axenda 2030, Cooperación ao desenvolvemento e Resposabilidade Social, 2018/2019”. In 2019, he worked as a full-time professor in IMF Business School (Madrid) teaching the subjects of programming, service and process programming and interface development in the Higher Technical Certificate of Multi-platform Application Development. Currently he is doing his PhD related to sign language translation systems applying deep learning algorithms entitled “Sign language recognition using deep learning and computer vision” associated with the “Speech&Sign” project of the GTM department for which he obtained an FPI grant.